We Stock Hard Drives

While some broker deals and try to sell other vendors' inventory, we physically stock all the hard drives we sell.  With over 40,000 hard drives in our warehouse, be assured when you get a quote from Synergy, that we'll deliver.  We buy and sell thousands of hard drives every single day, so if we are ever out of stock on a certain size or capacity, it won't be for long.

Time not a concern?  We will gladly build your order and notify you when it's ready for pickup.

For more information on pricing and availability please CONTACT US today!

Hard Drive Repair Program

Synergy has licensed OEM technology for HDD repair and is offering the new service to all our vendors and customers. As long as the HDD spins up and communicates it achieves 75% repair rate. The repair process is a more time and labor intensive process and does have additional costs but it will still give our vendors the ability to increase their yield and revenue on their HDD streams rather than just obtaining scrap value for defective units.

Click HERE to learn more about our HDD Repair Program.

We Test ALL of our Hard Drives

When it comes to used and refurbished hard drives, quality is paramount.  This is why we test every single hard drive here, on-site before offering it for sale.  Our team of experienced technicians test hard drives round the clock to ensure quality and performance.  We're so confident in our hard drives, we offer a standard 90 day warranty on every drive we sell.

For more information on our testing methods visit our FAQ page!